Meet Valerie

Val Photo greenValerie makes soap because it’s fun. When Valerie’s not making soap, she’s working at her top-secret government job or taking care of her homestead in Iron Hill, Delaware, which includes lots of chickens, a few gardens, multiple teenagers, two dogs, and one husband. She’s also an accomplished potter, artist, painter, and a kiln master. Val’s a renaissance woman on a mission to make soap with the richest lather and most creative designs (with a fine art twist).

Val’s favorite Iron Hill Soapworks product: Anything grapefruit! It’s so fresh and energizing, especially in the morning. We all use soap everyday and it can bring a smile to your face because it’s there to make you clean AND for you to enjoy. That’s why I love making it, and that’s why I especially love the scent of our Grapefruit Essential Oil Soap.

Val’s current soap inspiration: People are always my inspiration, especially people who are passionate about what they do or believe in. Finding out what makes a person happy and incorporating those elements into a new soap design and recipe is a creative process that can be challenging AND fun.

Meet Daria

Daria makes soap because she likes to hang out with Val (and because it’s fun). When Daria’s not making soap, she’s working at her day job, being a fabulous wife, mother, and friend, and hunting down great deals on name brand merch.

Daria’s favorite Iron Hill Soapworks product: Is anything that extra moisturizing. The Emu oil soaps are amazing. Did you know that Emu oil won’t clog your pores?